Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Winter is in full swing here in Eastern KY. Since I live two hours away from the closest mall I decided to make the voyage yesterday to get some Christmas shopping done. Huge mistake! The weather was awful, it was soooo cold and I had to drive so slow. I also cant see at night very well even with my glasses on so the lights from vehicles plus the glare of the icy pavement was a scary mix. Next time I am shopping online from the comfort of my sofa.

Winter Wonderland!

One of the things I have never made is rice krispie treats. And now I wonder why. So easy! I decided to add a bit of a twist by making them with browned butter and it was so yummy! They were super marshmallow-ey and the richness from the butter was amazing. I will make this again for sure! Enjoy!

Delicious Gooeyness


The marshmallow was so stretchy!


  1. You guys have so much snow in KY! DC is cold, but no snow. I haven't made rice krispies in forever, but they're so easy and so delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. From what I see on your photo, and know what the weather is like now...winter is in full blast. Right now, here is S. Florida, is about 43 degrees, windy, and sunny. This low temp. here is unusual, at this time of December.

    Rice crispy treats have always been a favorite for my children, and with the brown butter, I can imagine how much tastier it is.
    Thanks for sharing...Yumm!