Saturday, September 1, 2012

Parrilla Fajitas

Recently my workplace has started a biggest loser competition. I am never one to turn down some motivation to lose some weight. ( I have about 8 more baby weight pounds to lose) So I weighed in and yesterday and set my mind to start a new diet. One that I could stick to. With no carbs. (Ok maybe some carbs) And no sweets. (Maybe on a special occasion) And lots of exercise. (Walking to the fridge counts right?) Well I have already broken that diet by eating tortillas to go along with my fajitas.....meh.
The word "parrilla" is the Spanish word for grill. So essentially these are just your basic chicken fajitas prepared on the grill and served on delicious warm tortillas.  My husband is the grill master so I just did the prep with the peppers and chicken and he did all the cooking. Then it was up to me to dress and serve. I think these would have been best served with a frosty margarita or even a Negra Modelo. I had neither, so I drank it with a giant bottle of water....meh.

Onions and peppers with salt, pepper and fajita seasoning. Ready for the grill!

The finished product. Yums!!

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