Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tin O' Yum!

This year I have not been too affected by the Christmas Spirit. This has always been the busiest time of year at my job as well as just in life. Shopping, Christmas Parties, Baking, Long hours, Training, Wrapping, Decorating. I feel like that cartoon Cathy that runs around with broomstick hair yelling "ACK". Even though I have decided to be a Scrooge in many ways this year I have also decided to spread the bit of holiday cheer I have in the form of goodies. I have always felt that getting something sweet in the mail unexpectedly (or even expectantly) is so exciting. I just hope it holds up and doesn't melt....especially since it is going to AZ where it is still 80 degrees! I also hope that people like what I am sending because I am always worried about people not liking the contents. I put some of my favorites in it so...enjoy! :)

So to all those who send out food care packages, what do you typically send? What do you find holds up the best?

The Christmas Tin O' Yum!
                                                                           It includes
Rocky Road Fudge

Chocolate Bon-Bons

White Chocolate Dipped PB Ritz

And some of the Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats from my previous post


  1. ooh..I wouldn't mind receiving that delicious Christmas Tin O'Yum... hehe.
    I never really send food packages before, only because I'm never sure if the food would still be 'whole' rather than 'in pieces' when it reached the destinantion. I like sending cheesecake though through a bakery that I can trust.

  2. Michael,
    Thanks! I made some fairly generic things because I am not sure how things keep in the mail. I sure hope all my stuff arrives in one piece. I have heard that some people actually pop popcorn to use as the padding. MMMM cheesecake would be awesome to get in the mail. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. I would love getting this little tin of treats in the mail! The one time I sent my best friend some goodies in the mail it came back to me a month later moldy and gross!! I vowed never to send treats again, but I think this year I might try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Alexadria. I presented you with an award on my blog. I hope you'll receive it. I am new to your blog but I know that I'll enjoy your culinary journey. Enjoy your weekend. Michael