Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Lovely Blog Award


I want to thank Elisabeth from Food and Thrift Finds for putting me one her list for the Lovely Food Blog Award. Dreams of Sugarplums is something that started out as a little hobby but has turned into somewhat of an obsession. It has made me realize just how much I love food and sharing my food with others. I do everything out of my tiny kitchen with a dinky Kodak camera so for someone to think my blog is lovely excites me to the core!
Like Elisabeth I owe a lot of props to the Foodbuzz community. Without them my only reader would be my little sister and a couple coworkers. I find inspiration from each of my favorite blogs and hope to one day inspire those who read mine. So thank you a million Elisabeth...of course I am giving you another Lovely Blog Award but you don't have to pick 15 more blogs. :)
In no particular order:

Food and Thrift Finds
Weekend Gourmet
Foodie House
Vanilla Rocks
Cake Duchess
Lazaro Cooks
Foy Update
The Gourmand Mom
Pretend Chef
Ideal Cooking in Carla's Kitchen
Kitchen Konfidence

1 comment:

  1. Hi Alexandria-Back to me again? Wow! I am so be perfectly honest, I'm so glad you chose me because I feel that I have left out a few people that I really needed to give the award to, and this time I will have another chance to give it to them.

    I laughed at your comment about only your little sister reading your blog. I started my blog back in May or June of this year, and until I joined Foodbuzz in August...I was desperate to have someone else, other than friends to comment, and virually, no one to follow my blog until I got to meet a bunch of wonderful friends like you, on I'm with you, all the way.
    I do find not only your blog as LOVELY, but you are a lovely lady, and you put your heart into what you are blogging about, and all the delicious foods you share with others, just like we all do.
    So thank you, for accepting, and thank you for returning it back to me...I will find 15 bloggers, even if we are not following each other. This will be a good start!