Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cake Cake and Cake Balls

My life last week was taken over by cake!!

The only downside of taking on large scale projects is that my life gets put on hold. I did not get on the computer. I did not watch my favorite TV shows. I did not get much sleep. I did not make dinner. And I did not pay attention to my cat Andy. (He is still getting me back for this by the way) Instead, I made 200 cake pops and a groomscake for a wedding. The couple chose University of Kentucky colors because they are both HUGE fans. Of course I faced a dilema because my local store was out of lollipop sticks....go figure. Thank you to my amazing sister in law for wrangling me up some. You rock my face off! And even though my days began at 6:00 am and ended at 2:00 am four days in a row, I was really proud that I got it all done. So when all the baking plus the work from my real job (end of the quarter madness) was done, I decided to treat myself to a girls only roadtrip. It was chock full of shopping, eating, and dancing. It was just what the doctor ordered. Now I can go back to feeding my husband and sketching my next cake. So here it is, the cakery that took over my life for the last week. Enjoy!

Blueberry cake with Lemon frosting

After dipped and sprinkled

Bagged, Tagged, and Ribboned

I loved these!

The UK Groom's Cake
Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse Filling

Listening To:

I'm Not Over-Carolina Liar
Lovefool-The Cardigans
The Joker-Steve Miller Band
The Pretender-Foo Fighters


  1. LOVE those cake pops and your groom cake turned out gorgeous! Do you have any cake pops left to share?:)

  2. Thank you!! I have another batch coming up this week and I will gladly share :) Thanks for stopping by! BTW your M&M blondies looked everything else you make. YUM!!