Friday, October 22, 2010


This week was my week long vacation from work!! I spent all weekend stuffing my face, watching movies, and shopping. Between the delicious brewery food and to die for sushi in Tennessee, I had an awesome hamburger experience. I know that this place is a chain and maybe I was so starved out of my mind that the taste was ten times better than it really was. But the idea of putting whatever I want on a hamburger is like heaven. So thank you Five Guys! You made me realize how much I want to move back to civilization and enjoy your deliciousness. Who cares if you were two thousand calories and the reason I gained six pounds while on vacation? I don't! Ok maybe I do a little....
As this great week comes to an end I realize that being busy is what makes me want to cook. Having the opportunity to sleep in just makes me unmotivated for the day. I have some yummy desserts planned for this week. But tonight I make steak! Some great NY strips with roasted rosemary potatoes and bruschetta to start. Yum!! Cant wait to share...have a great weekend everyone!

Behold the Greasiness. MMMM!

Do see my happiness?

See this little guy? He caught my face on fire.

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